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Special websites sites are being developed for and for truly bad apples at

While all states maintain an agency to process lawyer complaints, this system does little to protect individual clients. In most cases, it consists of committees that are mostly lawyers. Many will only act if there is a clear trail of evidence. This system provides no restitution to victims of lawyers.

Reprimands against lawyers vary by state but typically can be:
private reprimand
public reprimand
disbarment is part of the network trying to bring accountability to the legal profession. Please contact: for telephone and mailing information.

Special sites are being developed for bad lawyers and evil lawyers.

All states maintain an agency to process lawyer complaints. These disciplinary counsels can usually be found as a department of the state bar association or as a branch of the state supreme court. Complaints can be filed by filling out a form supplied by the disciplinary counsel or by writing a letter. See the state agency the lawyer is licensed in below to find out how to process a complaint.
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